Ralph Nader and Cooperative Values

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Let me introduce myself. I am Ashley, and I work for the Ralph Nader campaign. I will be writing more about this in future posts, but I support him as a candidate because I believe he stands for the social justice and peace that is so central to cooperativist principles.

Nader is speaking at a rally in Salt Lake this Thursday at 7:30 pm. If you are in the area, please come. Either way, check out votenader.org to see how you think Nader fits with cooperative values.

Here is some more information:

Ralph Nader, the Independent Candidate for President, will bring his "People Fighting Back" campaign to Salt Lake City! Featured speakers will include Ralph Nader and Rocky Anderson. Whether you agree or not with Mr. Nader, we invite you to come to this event and hear alternative solutions to major political problems.
Please pass the word on. Pass this event on to Facebook friends, copy and past this text to an e-mail and send it to everyone you know, email the electronic flyers you downloadable from the Nader in Utah Facebook group site. But most importantly, try to bring 5 people with you to the event.

Thursday, July 31st, 7:30PM
Libby Gardner Concert Hall, University of Utah
1375 E Presidents Circle
Suggested contribution: $10/$5 students, no one turned away

Nader/Gonzalez take on the issues that corporate candidates, Clinton/Obama/McCain, refuse to address. The Nader/Gonzalez campaign promotes:

Single-payer, Canadian-style national health insurance
Rapid and comprehensive military and corporate withdrawal from Iraq
Crackdown on the corporate welfare and crime that cost Americans their pensions and jobs
Labor law reform and repeal of the anti-union provisions of the Taft-Hartley Act
Overturning the Patriot Act
Solar-based sustainable energy


Does Ralph Nader support Gay

Does Ralph Nader support Gay and Lesbian Marriage? If he does, doesn’t that contradict what the First Presidency has put out in the proclamation to the world, as well as different articles they have sent to our Bishoprics to read to the congregation about same sex marriage? I think the man is AMAZING, and I was about to vote for him until I found this out. Could you PLEASE clear this up for me Ashley, or anyone else for that matter?

I have no idea how Nader

I have no idea how Nader feels about civil liberties in the form of marriage rights for gays and lesbians. As a member of The Chuch, I oppose the bans, and laws prohibiting people from making a lifelong committment because of who they are and who they love. like proposition 8. I believe it is wrong to write discrimination into state or federal statute. I believe it is worse to do what my state (KY), has done, three years ago the Ky Constitution was amended specifically targeting gays and lesbians. Our state constitution actively discriminates against people based upon who they are and who they love.
The First Presidency of the Church as well as the quorum of the Twelve and all the quorums of the Seventy have a right to oppose same-sex marriage in their capacity as citizens of the United States. You and I as full and equal citizens have the absolute right to disagree with them on this, or any other issue.
I do support civil weddings or civil unions between same-sex couples and I believe they should have the same rights as heterosexual couples.
Search your own mind on this. General Authorities have consistently encouraged us to think for ourselves when we vote. The fact that they have been vocal on prop 8 does not pursuade me that I am wrong. They are expressing personal points-of-view as am I. So the real answer to your question is it only matters what we as individual citizens think of this, or any other non-religious issue.

what4anarchy, a friend of

what4anarchy, a friend of mine whose opinion I respect more than anyone else's, used to always tell me about Nader and would always vote for him. I never actually got around to checking him out, though, before I realized I was an anarchist. Although I cannot support Nader or any other candidate and I cannot in good conscience encourage anyone to vote (the only encouragement I give is to stay home and not vote), based upon what4anarchy's assessment of Nader, I'd say he probably is a principled man not often seen in public or private. So, if you feel you absolutely must vote, you might want to consider him as opposed to the others out there.

Thanks Ashley! Thanks for

Thanks Ashley!

Thanks for pointing out that there are alternatives out there besides the Obama/McCain choice.
I watched the Mormon Worker presentation at the Sunstone Symposium and you made me cry ...
You demonstrated so beautifully that our lamentations about injustice should be accompanied by peaceful radical action. You are a light in the darkness Ashley!

I love this LDS Cooperative!
As editor of MVG - Mormonen voor Vrede en Gerechtigheid (Mormons for Peace and Justice) -
http://www.mvgcontact.org - I aim to challenge young (and old) people in the church in The Netherlands and Belgium to become more aware and active about the social-economical world around them.

Robert Poort

Ashley, I wish I could be


I wish I could be there and bring my whole family and friends along. Ralph Nader is a great candidate full of integrity and is the only one, in my opinion, worthy to be President.

Thanks, Ron. I really liked

Thanks, Ron. I really liked your flagophilia piece in the Mormon Worker.

I hope you can make it to the rally!

I have always admired Ralph

I have always admired Ralph Nader. His integrity and decency is unquestionable. THanks for the input. And thank you for your good work in organizing the Cheney protest at BYU...

Ron Madson

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