My Recent Microfinance Loan to Wellington in Peru

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Wellinton is a selfless father and a loving husband who sacrifices himself daily in order to ensure his small daughter and dear wife’s well-being. With the aim of acquiring the medicine necessary for the well-being of Delia – he toils daily in his fields, and even more so when the time for harvesting arrives as the swift gathering of his crops guarantees their immediate sale. He has ambitions to improve his work and produce with better tools, manures and fertilizers.

Wellington is looking for about $400 and has raised about 75% of the money he needs. I chose to lend the money to Wellington because I found his story endearing, I wanted to help him...and he has a killer name! :-)


Yeti...I agree with you about

Yeti...I agree with you about the Propaganda & advertising that has conditioned us. However...even when we know how the world works it can be incredibly tempting to be cynical because one thinks, "I can't do anything about it anyways." One realizes they are stuck in a sort of community "prison", and in that sense I liked what Michael Albert said when he talked about comparing it to "ageing". America I think those sorts of things can be perceived as being patriotic.

I think that when raising these things in must use terminology that is uplifting, inspiring, logical and "Mormon". The 1875 proclamation on the economy, in the left bar, is a great place to start.

It is difficult in church though...because when you go against political or historical piety you need about 5mins+ to explain yourself...and as we both know...answers in church classes are just "soundbites" where we regurgitate the same old things we have been taught over and over again.

Today I commented on the fact that Nehor, like our coercive leaders who are War Criminals, need to be brought to justice. I think I got someones back up who was an American on the Stake Presidency. But the fact is....that we must call a spade a spade. Lets not forget that most Germans believed they were free when they were ruled by the Nazis. We are dealing with people that have couched their excessive greed & imperialism in the terminology of "freedom and liberty".

It is impossible to live as a full anarchist at this moment in time...but just do the little bits you can. We don't want to offend people or hurt their feelings...but educate them so they also hold the value of a human being as matter what colour their skin or religion.

And milk before meat....don't say in Elder's Quorum "I am an anarchist" but say I feel strongly about human rights, sustainability, loving my neighbour, democracy, exposing war crimes and llegitimate and coercive power structures. Ultimately, like Andrew Bolton said, we want to make the world a better place from what we inherited that it is conducive for our children. Supporting tyrants, conducting wars of aggression and hyper-materialism at the cost of people in other countries are wrong....

Be humble...but don't be cantankerous or afraid....act in love knowing that our conclusions are correct.

Stephan...isn't it strange

Stephan...isn't it strange that so many LDS have these same compulsions towards social justice and a better ordered society. Michael Albert ideas are fasinating and close to a United Order approach. He seems to be missing the spiritual piece that the Church would give us. I disagree with his reason as to why those who benefit least from our current capitalism support it the most. Michael said it was because they basically know no better way. It was life so deal with it ...kind of thinking. I disagree. The have (s) the stakeholders have convinced (Propaganda) the working class 80% that war & consumption & debt & anti-environmentalism is all PATRIOTIC. They also play the "BOOTSTRAPS" card to make us content with what we have. We have been so badly played. My question for you Stephan is, how do I raise my concerns in a say.. Elders Quorem setting without being perceived to be unpatriotic, unfaithful and an anarchist? As I read the pioneer journals about the United Order I am amazed at how "idea" oriented their lives were in very meager settings. They indulged in music art thought and not in consumptive things...remarkable given the toil and basic survival they faced each and every day. cheers

Excellent, Steve-o! The

Excellent, Steve-o! The micro-loan model is such an effective way for individuals to make a difference. Empowering people at the grass roots is a thousand times more effective than macro/top-down aid. In fact, the latter is often counter-productive in that it can unwittingly destroy the industry of local workers who are unable to compete with a giant charity.

You are so right John! John

You are so right John!

John Perkin's book "Confessions of an Economic Hitman" shows that these "top down" loans are often just money for US backed corporations to perform work within the poor third world country, or money given to leaders to bribe them to allow companies to exploit their natural resources. Pure "corporate welfare!"

The recent examples of Tajikistan, Haiti, Zimbabwe, and post Tsunami development in Indonesia are all great examples.

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