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Changes to the site: what do we want? What do we need?

Hello all,

I'm a relative newcomer, but want to get LDS cooperative pumping blood again and hope you are still interested in the endeavor. Steve Wellington has given me the go ahead to administer the site and update the content, but what I'd like to know is what is missing? What can be done to make this project viable and interesting folks?

I'm ready to start blogging and sharing my thoughts on the matters at hand and hope you will return to share as well. The podcast should be revived as well and I'm willing to help. Anyhow, let's move forward and make something special. Or should I say "peculiar"?


North Carolina Town Prints Own Currency to Support Local Business

I thought this was an interesting way to create community and cooperative.

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John Dehlin's First Vegetable Patch.

I'll just throw up 3 photos here of John Dehlin's first ever vegetable patch. I must commend him for his move to sustainability.


Yellow Peppers


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Ralph Nader and Cooperative Values

Let me introduce myself. I am Ashley, and I work for the Ralph Nader campaign. I will be writing more about this in future posts, but I support him as a candidate because I believe he stands for the social justice and peace that is so central to cooperativist principles.

Nader is speaking at a rally in Salt Lake this Thursday at 7:30 pm. If you are in the area, please come. Either way, check out to see how you think Nader fits with cooperative values.

Here is some more information:

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Stephen's First Vegetables from his Garden.

Hey everyone. Here I am with some of the first vegetables from my garden. Just the basic carrots and lettuce. I have some sweetcorn coming. But everything has really blossomed the last few days. I am doing my small part in my path to self-sustainability and peaceful gradualism.

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Message of Hope in a Mad World- Bryan Peterson

The Palestinian boy's death in the West Bank town of Jenin, tragically, was not unusual.

Children are commonly victims of fighting in the Middle East.

But what happened after his death in November 2005 was exceptional.

Ahmed's grieving parents donated the boy's organs to "the enemy" - an Israeli hospital.

His heart now beats in the chest of an Israeli Druze Arab girl.

His liver kept a Jewish girl and an Israeli mother alive.

His lungs were transplanted into a teenage Jewish girl and his kidneys divided between a five-year-old Bedouin and a three-year-old Jewish girl.

The parents, Ismail and Abla Khatib, decided that some good could come of his death.

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Differences Between Cooperatives and Corporations

Tom Webb of St. Mary's University (and the Masters in Management program) presented a workshop on how cooperative managers need to manage differently from other enterprises.

He began by commenting that cooperators share, in addition to the values and principles, a common view that people are basically good. Corporations are managed by people and so corporations will act as good citizens. However, unlike cooperatives, corporations must deliver a return on investment and the search for profits may cause good people to make bad decisions. However, cooperatives can also make bad decisions.

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Daring to Take Jesus at His Word- Guest Post from Doc

Guest Post from Doc at

43 Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbour, and hate thine enemy.

44 But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;

Matt: 5:43-44

What would the world be like if Christianity as a whole really took this seriously?

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My Recent Microfinance Loan to Wellington in Peru

Wellinton is a selfless father and a loving husband who sacrifices himself daily in order to ensure his small daughter and dear wife’s well-being. With the aim of acquiring the medicine necessary for the well-being of Delia – he toils daily in his fields, and even more so when the time for harvesting arrives as the swift gathering of his crops guarantees their immediate sale. He has ambitions to improve his work and produce with better tools, manures and fertilizers.

Wellington is looking for about $400 and has raised about 75% of the money he needs. I chose to lend the money to Wellington because I found his story endearing, I wanted to help him...and he has a killer name! :-)

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Sunni resistance spokesman: Let us all stand against this, each in his own way

Below is a blog post from Badger, in which he translates from arabic comments made by Harith Al-Dhari on the long term security agreement the US is attempting to sign with the puppet Iraqi government, which would authorize the the continued presence of US troops in Iraq after the UN occupation mandate ends later this year.

Sunni resistance spokesman: Let us all stand against this, each in his own way

Ready for Cooperativism?

Most of the participants and readers of LDSCooperative, I’m guessing, are not currently living in cooperatives or dominantly socialist states. Personally, I live in the United Kingdom, a nation that is perhaps one of the closest to America in capitalist culture, despite powerful socialist innovations, such as the National Health Service. We’re used to capitalism – it’s what we’ve grown up with. It’s what we know. If your story is anything like mine, you’ve come across socialist principles through conversations with friends, or in your studies. It instantly makes sense to you. You think: ‘that’s what I believe!’ You wonder: ‘Why aren’t we living this way?’

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Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Shirin Ebadi on Hopes for the Younger Generation.

"When there is injustice to one people and there is no way of receiving justice and when several generations live under the poverty line and there is no hope for the improvement of their lives, they may forget their sanity because of hopelessness. And thus they may resort to violence.” - Shirin Ebadi

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The War in Iraq is a War of Aggression

Below is a letter I wrote to BYU's Daily Universe, it was published in the opinion section, responding to an earlier opinion piece that a BYU student that served in Iraq for the US military wrote.

Dear Daily Universe,

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